Ang Lay Ling



  • Ang Lay Ling (“Ang”) graduated from the University of London with a Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree. She joined W.E. Cox Recoveries (M) Sdn Bhd as a Legal Officer (Marine Recovery) prior to being admitted to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in January, 2006.
  • She has handled various Civil and Commercial litigation and arbitration such as :-
    • Shipping & Admiralty, Probate and Administration of Estates, Family Law, Real Property and Insurance.
    • Conducted trials and hearings in Tribunal, Industrial Courts, Subordinate Courts and the High Courts as well as Appeals in the Appellate courts such as the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court.
    • Acted for a public listed company in Singapore to register the Foreign Judgment and successfully enforced the Judgment.
    • Also acted for an Indian Company to resist the registration of an international arbitration award worth more than USD37m.
    • Involved in the litigation from the High Court to the Federal Court in respect of competiting claims on a vessel.
    • Also actively involved (including liaising with the Embassy of Indonesia and Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency) in a claim for an unpaid charter-hire due under the Charter-party Agreement, rights over the bunkers, release of crewmen and barges.
    • Also involved in an arrest and release of vessels previously and in one particular instance, security of the claim was obtained on the same day the vessel was arrested.
    • Also acted against Lembaga Kumpulan Simpanan Pekerja (“KWSP”), a Malaysian government agency, and successfully won the appeal against KWSP.
  • Apart from litigation, she has also provided advisory work to legal firms of various jurisdictions such as Singapore, Britain, Australia, India, Thailand and China.
  • She was also invited as a co-speaker by a legal firm based in London in respect of Chartering & Contract Management in 2013 & 2014.
  • List of reported cases will be provided upon request.